Saturday, February 26, 2011

Where Did Feb Go?

It has been a busy month to say the least, and the only reason I am writing this post is because I did not want to have zero posts in February 2011!

I am almost through editing a manuscript...the closer I get to the end the faster I want to finish it.

Rummy got his own Facebook page and is getting popular.

Rummy also got a Kitty. Actually, Husband saw this wiry little thing in desperate need of help and picked it up. The plan was to make it feel better and put it up for adoption. But unfortunately, people will spend thousands on Persian cats that can't live in the city's heat and humidity but won't adopt an equally adorable stray. I find people annoying most times! So looks like Kitty is here to stay. We've named him Bing Qing (due to Husband's insistence on a Chinese name. It means crystal clear.) aka Kitty.

Rummy is not too fond of the new addition. For a week we had to keep Kitty in one room and let Rummy in for 5-10 minutes on a leash for orientation sessions. Now, we can leave the two together unattended as long as Kitty doesn't eat or upsets Rummy and he snaps. We're guessing he'll get over the jealous phase soon because it is just painful to manage them otherwise. Not a good first birthday present for him, but we hope it will make him more sociable.

Kitty is just about 2 months old and adorable. He eats, sleeps and poops all day. His stomach is now bigger than the rest of him and he just loves to cuddle up on the warm modem or UPS if laps are not available.