Sunday, April 22, 2012

Crafty Ideas

Also, made this and got it framed this month.
It is going to be a gift for my In-laws.


The Indo-German Urban Mela

I've had my youngest sister staying with me for the last few months while she learns German to be able to apply for college in Germany. I've been able to explore a bit of Bombay with her without Husband who's been quite busy. Recently, we went to the Indo-German Urban Mela held at Cross Maidan in Mumbai.

The weather was breezy and the set-up was spectacular when we reached there the evening it opened. The pavilions were a piece of art themselves, although they showcased businesses which didn't hold any interest for us. However, the food section was closed off for VIPs for the day so we had to go hunting for food, and the concert we came to see had finished by the time we got back.

However, it was a nice evening out. This sculpture was right at the entrance and all of this was designed by Markus Heinsdorff.

The pavilions were stunning as well. We didn't make the trip again for the other workshops and performances they had during the week, nor for the German beer, strudel, and black forest pastry at the food stalls. Maybe next time!


Also, since we were on that side of town already, we didn't want to give up the opportunity to explore a bit.


This time, we went in search of food, not clothes (because the stalls were closed). We asked around for the Kala Ghoda Cafe, and we were thrilled with our find. Out of all the 'hole-in'the'wall' places we've seen so far - this was the best! Not only have they made great use of the space, but the food was super. Out of the limited menu, we had the chicken sandwich (yum), Rasta sandwich (super), and the Grilled sweet potato and pumpkin salad (super dooper). An evening well spent.