Sunday, February 26, 2012

Kala Ghoda Arts Festival - 2012

The Galloping Horse - Sukant Panigrahi
The good thing about living in Bombay is that it is always abuzz with activity of the good kind - more than any other Indian city. Kala Ghoda Arts Festival is held every year at Fort, South Bombay. The Kala Ghoda lane is cordoned off to vehicles, and for a week, it comes alive with art installations, art/craft/theatre workshops, street performances, music, and handicrafts stores. The stores are getting more commercial every year, but the ambiance is electric.

Living in the suburbs, it becomes quite difficult for me to commute to the venue and attend the many workshops and performances, but making at least one trip usually suffices. Last year I had attended a papier mache workshop but haven't put the knowledge to any use. This year, I just couldn't find the time to go for any workshop unfortunately. Also, the potter who is always there on the street is the busiest one of all, and I haven't had the patience to push and shove to make something on the potter's wheel. Maybe next year!

I reached the venue in the evening. I walked from Churchgate station (people will happily give you directions) which took me less than 10 minutes in pleasant weather. The Kala Ghoda lane crowded as is usual during this week. I was just in time for a stilt and tightrope walk act, although I had to jostle to find space to stand. It was worth the effort to look at the life's work of these men - the patience and confidence it takes to do those stunts!

Then I went around the stalls for some shopping - most of them had the exact same products as last year. I didn't pick up anything significant. Most of the art installations were inspiring (some of them incomprehensible), but you didn't get to admire any of them because people just lined up to take their pictures with them - some blocking the view for the rest of us for 2 to 3 minutes trying to get a great picture...from their 2 mp cameras in the fading light without flash.

There is really no getting away from crowds in Bombay - we knew that when we moved - so I guess I can't complain. It just makes me super grateful to have found an apartment complex that is far from the madding crowd.

Peace - Saini Johray
Silent Noise -1 - Saini Johray  

Let there be Light - Manishek Gupta

The Big Catch - Parag Tande

Endeavour - Nikunj Choradiya

Radiance - Badal Suchak

Think Blue - Haribaabu Natesaan

Cutting Chai - Krsna Mehta

Crow as Common Man - Sumeet Patil

Kathaputali - Vandana Kori