Monday, September 6, 2010

Follow Up

I had mentioned in an earlier post about a mudslide that rendered a few families homeless. Well, since then not much progress has been made. The hills are still being worked on, and the wall that was damaged by the incident has apparently given way to leopards that have have killed a few dogs. A few years ago there were reports of leopards taking away small children from another building. Yes...we forget that Bombay has it's very own National Park which we are encroaching upon as the city continues to grow, so the city has incidents such as these.

In other news, even after the bleaching and disinfectants, we are still struggling with mildew. It rained the whole of last week, and it is still drizzling sporadically. It is getting annoying now. Someone make it stop....puhleeze!

Husband and I fell ill after a long time. It was no common cold either. Husband first developed high fever and was shivering, and in Bombay the first thing that comes to your mind is Malaria. Scary! The country claims to be on its way to becoming a super power where diseases like Malaria and Dengue are still commonplace. But we digress. We got the Malaria test done and thankfully it was negative. As was inevitable, once he started to get better, I caught on the virus. Both are better now.

Rummy has been neutered finally. The day of the operation he was restless because of the anesthesia. He winced in pain and discomfort which made us feel like pure villains. But he slept it off and was ready for his walk by evening. He was put on the Elizabethan collar but he managed to get it off by dragging the flap across the wall and other edges. Problem: he kept licking at the stitches that resulted in swelling. Solution: make him wear the collar so that the flap is inside the cone. Took us a while to figure that out! But since he couldn't scratch is ears, he came looking for us to do it for him when the need arose! Cone and stitches are off now. No changes noticed so far except that he has stopped chasing motorbikes and cycles. Rather, he doesn't do that as often as he used to!

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