Thursday, March 22, 2012

Aksa Beach at Sunrise

I know you don't get to see the sun rise over the horizon in the West coast but you do see it rise somewhere, which was why we wanted to reach the beach in time to watch this daily miracle. That, and to avoid the Sunday morning crowds.

We had been looking for a place to take Rummy for a good run off-leash and Aksa Beach seemed like a great place, it being so near to where we live. We were at first apprehensive about letting him off since there are quite a number of stray dogs around, but we didn't see any aggression on either side so we took off the leash. And boy, did Rummy run - and make the rest of the dogs run too. He wasn't too keen on going in the water, even though the other dogs were. We were so thrilled that he came back running to us every
time he was called.


As for us, the breeze was nice and cool in late February without the humidity. The sun rose from the other end of the beach and lit up the sky spectacularly. The beach was relatively clean - another advantage of reaching early I guess...the crowds had not had a chance to litter it yet. Other early risers here included morning walkers, dog walkers, and guests of one of the resorts on the beach.

We were there from about 6:30 am to 8am. As were leaving, the crowd were slowly starting to trickle in. The only downside to getting here so early was that none of the food/tea stalls were open. It was also getting too hot to be eating outside, and with Rummy in the car we couldn't stop at a restaurant. We then drove to Sai Veg near the Goregaon Station (east side) and packed some good Indian fast food that we had for breakfast, lunch, and dinner!

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