Friday, May 30, 2014

Paris - 2 Churches

Paris is overflowing with churches from different eras and style periods. Even of you are not of a religious bend of mind, the beauty of these structures are enough to draw you to them. In our short stay, we could just take the time to go to two of the magnificent works of art.

Notre-Dame is a Catholic cathedral and known to many as the setting for Victor Hugo's great drama - The Hunchback of Notre-Dame. It is dedicated to Mother Mary and has a beautiful Pieta sculpture at the altar. We had visited on August 15th which is when Paris celebrates Assumption Day.

The gorgeous Gothic Cathedral is identifiable from afar and you try to spot the bell tower. There were huge crowds gathered for the mass to celebrate the day. As you enter, you are awed at the openness inside. The organ's music reverberates through the structure and is impressive. The interiors is lined with precious works of art and history.

The entrance to the towers and treasury were closed due to the mass, but that too was an experience we felt was unmissable. There are enough artefacts to see on the ground itself - the gorgeous stained-glass windows, the beautiful sculptures, and the ancient paintings, among other relics.

We then strolled along the street-side shops selling old books and posters, and settled in for a Parisian-style 2 hour lunch in an al fresco restaurant.

Another notable medieval Gothic chapel is the Sainte Chapelle. This 13th century building has awesome stained-glass windows, and if you happen to go in the afternoon when the sun filters through them, you will leave very impressed. The contrasting rich blue interiors and the gilded elaborate altar add to the beauty.

As you keep looking up to marvel at the many beauties, don't forget to look down at your feet and notice the beautiful flooring as well.

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