Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Thoughts on Weddings

Weddings are amazing! No matter how cynical the world seems to get, and how much ever the ceremony is derided as just a piece of paper, it has not lost its popularity.

We just returned from my sister's beautiful wedding ceremony and it was all we had hoped it would be. It was classy, filled with love and happiness, and the families got to know each other sharing laughs and stories.

Theirs was a story with a happily ever after, but once the wedding fever has died down and you get your heads out of the clouds, there are too many who reminisce about the happy days pre-wedding. The only people who cannot think of going back to those days are those who are over dependent on their partner (financially, socially, or at home), and those who married the right person for the right reasons at the right time!

You wouldn't want to be so dependent on someone that you cannot function without them, but oh to be in a great marriage! You cannot imagine a future without your partner, but you know that you don't need them to fulfil a purpose. You just want them around.

There are people who marry because they were turning 30, because it was expected, because they have always dreamed of a wedding, or they wanted someone to look after them. However, I also know of people who marry because they've been great friends who fell in love, because they just knew for certain that they were the right fit, and because they couldn't imagine being so comfortable and in love with anyone else.

I am blessed to fall in the latter category, and from what I observe, my sisters do as well. Shouldn't everybody?

With everyone trying to one-up their acquaintances on social media, wedding are becoming more extravagant, sometimes ridiculously so. There are many who look forward their entire lives to a perfect wedding and never give a thought of the marriage that comes after.

A wedding is a celebration of love and a meeting of families and friends. It is such a private and happy affair with people on both sides getting to know one another that you really don't need any unnecessary showbiz to distract from it.

Of course, that doesn't mean you have a zero-expense wedding. It just means you don't lose focus of the purpose of the event. There is no need to blow your entire savings on a single party, or to invite people out of obligation. I hear many couples complain that they never got to enjoy their own wedding or taste the food. I find it ridiculous that you would make what is to be the happiest day of your life into such a chore.

After all is said and done, looking back through your wedding and post-marriage albums and pictures, you should not be left with a single regret. Look forward to making more of such happy memories for years to come!

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