Monday, March 30, 2015

Serial Watcher

I am one of those who will proudly proclaim that I don't waste time watching TV...then mutter under my breath that I download things to watch instead. There are just so many shows and so little time to watch them all. Here are the ones I have been hooked to in the last few years - some of them I have binge-watched for weeks to catch up on all the episodes (not recommended).

Sherlock - Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman in this clever show will have you hooked, then crying in agony when you have to wait for two years for three episodes. It is funny, insightful, and clever. Some of the cleverness you miss till you read it on the fan blogs.

Downton Abbey - Watch it for Maggie Smith's makes watching this soap opera worthwhile. If she quits, I don't think it would be fun anymore.
UPDATE: They just screened the finale and it was very satisfying to watch.

The Wire - It is funny when you least expect it and the story line is gripping. It is a very near-real portrayal of the drug scene and the acting doesn't feel like acting. No wonder one of the actors got congratulated on being drug-free on another movie set because no one believed someone could act so well! Very clever to have a different musician work on the same theme song every season.

Firefly - Nathan Fillian's best work, full of funny one-liners and entertaining escapades. Damn you for cancelling the show.

Modern Family - This is a guilty pleasure. It is hilarious and well made.

Scandal - It gets annoying to follow the on-again off-again relationship of Olivia Pope but the episodes are action-packed and the politics is fun to follow. A few of the episodes touch on real events and a lot of times it is difficult to say if the wild scenario was completely fictional or not.

The Newsroom - Just three seasons long but apart from tackling coverage ethics on important world events and personal stories, it has some great dialogue - idealistic, but good to watch.

Merlin - Historically inaccurate but an entertaining look at King Arthur as a young man. For your Medieval romance fix without all the gore.

Doctor Who - The longest running sci-fi show. This I watch for pure entertainment. It doesn't always have to make sense, but somewhere down the line you get the picture.

Broadchurch - The fifth British show on the list. It starts off as a murder mystery but encompasses the lives of the whole small town. It is not action-packed with something happening in every scene (like the American shows), but it slows down the pace and keeps up the suspense to bring you to the edge of your seat by the end of the episode. You can't help but watch both seasons at one go.

Breaking Bad - I binged watched the entire series in a span of ten days and it was addictive and immersive. Brilliantly written script that leaves you wondering if you're morally compromised for wishing that the bad guy wins.

Some of the older series that I had no choice but to watch on TV while growing up still bring back fond memories.

Full House
Fresh Prince of Bel Air
Gilmore Girls

There are some on my list that I still have to watch...I'm just waiting to get a few clear days so I can do that undisturbed!

Black Mirror

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