Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Human VS. Animal

It's been almost 4 years that I've been married, which increases the frequency of the dreaded question, "When are you giving us the good news?" I have given people a lot of good news these past few years - promotions, hike in salary, new adorable pets - but that was apparently not good enough. Like a friend said, the next stage would be when people start giving you numbers of fertility doctors, and if that doesn't work then in a few years they'll start giving you contacts of gurus and magic healers.

I don't know what's with wrong with choosing to not have kids or having/adopting them when you are ready for the torment? It all seems like a number game. I know of someone who had a child only because she was told that she should have all her kids before she reaches 30. I agree that it becomes difficult for most to conceive after 30, but that doesn't mean you live your life with deadlines - marry at 25 and give birth by 30. There is also no guarantee that even before 30 you'll conceive without hassles and have a smooth pregnancy.

What of those who do not want kids at all, or prefer to adopt instead? Just because it is not the choice you would have made, does it make my choice wrong? With all the chaos in the world, the neglected children, is it right to bring a new life just because you can say, "This is Mine"? There are people who are born to be parents, and then there are people who would like kids of their own but it is not a high priority. I would be the second kind.

Meanwhile, Rummy and Bing are getting along famously. They are a 24x7 entertainment channel. Even when they're sleeping they're fun to watch. We're in the process of searching for kennels that will keep both of them when we go out of town (no luck so far). They will miss each other if they're separated I would like to think.

Having some Wheatgrass
Bing's baby tooth
Bing's First Walk


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