Monday, July 25, 2011

Change Happens...except when you want it

I like change. Some people say I am crazy, but I do! Of course I wouldn’t want to wake up one morning and see my life turned upside down. Not BIG changes, but little ones that let you know that your life is moving forward.
One of the changes I have to have in my daily life is food…I can’t have the same kind of food on a regular basis - even if it is a diet of pizza and chocolates. If I get tired of one thing and can’t find something different to eat, I just won’t eat! Did I mention I am also stubborn and picky?
Another thing I cave is a change in scenery once in a while. My last vacation was in November last year to Matheran. In December we did go to meet family, but that’s hardly a vacation. By June I was so stressed about the situation that I didn’t even realize it. I vented it out the only way I know how - food. I would order something new everyday to eat and since I din’t want to pile on too many calories (just many) I took to eating just once a day. I was perplexed at this eating habit and Husband too was at his wits end trying to get me to eat, until I figured the possible reason…no vacations.
With that frame of mind, I was actually glad to go out in July to meet the families. Still not a vacation per se but we did have fun, met friends and family (some after ages) and ate a lot (food is a recurring theme with both our families).
Now that we’re back, I feel refreshed and my eating habits are back to normal (or what qualifies for normal in my case). I wonder how some people resist even small changes like these. How do they survive? How closed is their mind hat they won’t try new things, have new experiences? I would die from the inside out.

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