Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Falaknuma Palace, Hyderabad

Last year when we were in Hyderabad, we visited the lap of luxury in the form of the grand Falaknuma Palace. This fairy tale of a palace has been lovingly restored by the Taj group of hotels and guests can now marvel at its wonders once again.
Guests staying in one of its luxurious rooms, can wander about the palace’s common rooms such as the library and the Gossip room. We were just there for the food and fresh air, so we had limited (but splendid nonetheless) access to the Palace lawns. The food, truth be told, was just an excuse to experience this palace at our own pace.
The food was good, although the tables are not built for larger groups. We had to split the group in two. But the experience took you back hundreds of years where people enjoyed their food at leisure, then walked about the park overlooking the city expanse and pondered over life and its meaning, or the strategy of the next war.
We had an unhurried lunch and then a nice stroll. The hospitality was impeccable and the experience memorable.

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