Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Nakuru, Kenya

Continuing with snippets from my Kenya trip 2 years ago (and yes, I am just getting around to writing about it), here are some pictures from Nakuru.

We just went there for a day trip from Nairobi to see the flamingos, have lunch and basically spend a day in the city without shopping. We reached early morning and were greeting my a sea of pink. The 60 USD entry fee is quite steep for a day but it was worth it. There were some migratory birds as well.

We went to the lake and walked around a bit - I even got my feet stuck in the clay trying to collect a few pink feathers. We went up to Monkey Mountain where we saw - monkeys! Lots of them. There were quite a few White rhinos dozing in the afternoon sun as well. It was hard to imagine that we were just a few hours from a bustling city.

We were told to make sure that we reached Nairobi well before sunset as the highway is very unsafe. In fact, they say that if you puncture a tire don't stop to change it. Rather lose a tire than your life!

The Pink Brigade @Nakuru, Kenya

Monkeying around @Nakuru, Kenya

What’s Black and White and all over the roads? 
Zebras @Nakuru, Kenya

White Rhinos @Nakuru, Kenya

Other Big Birds @Nakuru, Kenya

Small Birds @Nakuru, Kenya

The denizens of Nakuru, Kenya

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