Tuesday, November 12, 2013


I have fallen behind on my little Zentangle notebook that I tried to scribble in everyday, mainly because I've been travelling, and also because I was working on a bigger scale. These are some of the sets I made last month.

The first one took me over a day for each letter (10x10 inches each). I had to pencil in the dimensions for the borders and letters for uniformity, otherwise I prefer freehand. The next step was to watercolour it. I have to admit that I was disappointed with the way it looked with just the watercolours and I thought I have wasted a whole lot of time for nothing. But when I outlines it with my micron pens, it started to really stand out. Phew!

The animal set just started out as a trial with the peacock, but I liked the owl I saw somewhere so that came next. But just two seemed incomplete, so I found a curious giraffe. I made this on thick printing paper so the pens were gliding on them as opposed to the watercolour paper I used for the previous one.

The other two pieces were also experiments. I had some good art paper but were too dark for the micron pens. Even the metallic ones I got didn't stand out too well. So I used watercolour to lighten the background, then used the pens for the design. These are all freehand therefor not too straight at the borders.

Love for All Seasons (watercolour on paper, with coloured pencils and pens)

Animal Kingdom (Coloured pencils on paper)

Joy & Freedom (Watercolours and metallic markers on paper)

Floating in Space (watercolour and metallic markers on paper)

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