Monday, July 26, 2010

No wonder the English are grumpy!

It just doesn't stop, the rain in Bombay! You know how people love the smell of wet earth when it it smells of muck.
Sometimes it is nice to look at the rain from the house...especially since we have a good view. We have our own little waterfall in the city. Unfortunately, the constant construction on it has caused a mudslide in the adjacent colony, rendering six families homeless. Ah the callousness of power and money! The government blame the builders and the builders sit on their hands leaving the effected to deal with the whole thing on their own.

This would be my first monsoon in the city as an adult (read: with responsibilities), so I'm having to learn the hard way about mildew and wet laundry. Since we never thought of buying a dryer, the laundry needs to be dried under the fan all day and all night. The mildew is a whole new level of problem. I had to dilute some bleach with water and clean the wardrobes to get rid of it. The same for the furniture. The shoes have been only dusted for now. Every space is now filled with naphthalene balls making the use of perfume a necessity in everyday life.

I don't drive..rather drive only automatic transmission...which leaves me at the mercy of the auto rickshaws and the rain if I need to go out without Husband. By going out, I include going to the gym. It has been pouring with a vengeance with strong winds to boot. I know it is not a great excuse, but there it is. No regular gym. I try to make up for it with some yoga at home...but just barely.

It is gloomy weather and it looks like it will continue. For all the skeptics, the constant rain does make you melancholy at times. You need to go through it to believe it. I never thought I'd miss the sun.

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