Friday, November 26, 2010

Where Can I buy 2 parts Patience, and 1 of Persistence?

Has anyone ever tried doing Origami? Those Japanese folks have some patience and spare time to sit around making circles in the sand and folding paper! Their work looks so good though. Some of the modular origamis need over 200 modules, where each module would be made of at least 5 units. It's enough to drive you insane! By happy chance, the Internet at home was not working yesterday, so taking a break from work, I got down to completing my Origami task.

Task 1: Kusudama

This sphere had one of the least number of modules required (only 12) and looked interesting enough. I started with a petal

which turned into a flower

which turned into many flowers

which eventually turned into a sphere.

I got the design from an article on eHow but made some modifications to the center of the petals which works especially well if you are using paper coloured on both sides.

Task 2: Mette Units

Next, I then made two rings using Mette's Units, which is relatively simple and requires just 15-18 units.

Put it all together, and finally I came up with a unique door hanging that Husband assembled with some ribbon this morning. 

Warning: Side effects include numb fingers, increased annoyance, and loss of patience to do anything else.

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